Road trip? Try taking these with you.

Its the weekend and we all want to unwind. For some, it’s a quiet time indoors, for others it’s something relaxed like movie and dinner/drinks and for others its a road trip to the countryside or someplace equally spectacular. Whichever place that may be, it is important that one plan the trip well to avoid last minute mishaps and disappointments. Sometimes catastrophes. So, i am going to start with what i would call the no brainer but if you have a scatter brain like i can sometimes, they will

Stuff we see and think about. Everyday.

On my commute to work today, the driver kept checking the tire on his side. He stopped, twice on our way and got out to inspect it. I could see it because i was seated on the window seat a row after him and, with the building Nairobi traffic, if you aren’t stopping to pick up or alight a passenger, you are wasting time. He was wasting time in my eyes until i saw what he was doing and i kept thinking,’how ironic would it be to be in a vehicle that gets a puncture.’ A puncture would be my safest b

The effects of the Corona Virus in the Digital Marketing Space – Digital Tailor Agency

As a result of the global effect of the coronavirus, governments are urging the citizens to stay at home and for businesses that don’t offer essential services to close down. Some businesses that remain open, can only do so for limited hours with a smaller number of employees. What is being witnessed is a huge impact on the global economy. Unlike brick and mortar businesses, online businesses such as e-commerce, technology service providers, and digital marketing agencies do not need to comple

Smart TV or Digital TV? – Vision Plus Kenya

Knowledge is power! Certainly, you already know that. The purpose of this piece is to help you learn more about the TVs we have in the market today. As buying a TV requires that you are equipped with some information about modern TVs. This is because as technology advances so do the gadgets we use. First things first. The digital TVs are an advancement from analog TVs. You remember those that used analog signals to transmit video and audio. In other words, the video was transmitted in AM while

What is Bluetooth? – Vision Plus Kenya

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows the sharing of data with different appliances. Bluetooth uses wavelengths to share data and works within a short distance for the appliances to stay connected. Thus, the waves do not travel very far and are continually switching frequencies. Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum connectivity range of about 9 meters, and that distance can be affected by a blockade like a wall. Bluetooth in TV sets allows users to use their smartphones as a remote

Tata Motors’ amazing journey towards global recognition

With a portfolio that covers a comprehensive range of cars, trucks, buses, defence vehicles and more, Tata Motors Limited is recognized as one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world today. Commencing operations in 1954 with Commercial Vehicles (CVs) in India, the company’s marque can now be found both on and off-road in over 175 countries around the globe. Here’s how Tata Motors went from being an Indian company to the globally recognized brand that we know today. Having a presenc

How Dolby Frequencies Enhance Sound – Vision Plus Kenya

In Dolby’s own words, “the most significant development in cinema audio since surround-sound.” Dolby Technology takes all surround sound to the next level with pure 3-Dimensional audio Dolby Digital is also known as AC-3. It’s an audio coding technique that reduces the quantity of data needed to produce top-quality sound. DD takes advantage of how we perceive sound. When coding noise is close to an audio signal’s frequency, that sound signal masks the noise so that the human ear hears only t